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The luxury Swiss watch brand for men

In 2008 renowned designer JP Edmond Established his own Swiss watch brand, after years of extensive research and development he finally released His innovative ranks of Swiss watches. Essentially the timepieces are built around an innovative locker system (Smart Locker) which is easy to operate and protects the crown.

Fundamentally the design of the new collection of luxury watches has evolved organically and is created for the discerning consumer. The second generation Smart Locker has been upgraded with the addition of a New Power Ring. This self-winding Increases the performance and Improves the aesthetic of the movement. The dials are also larger and more have a cohesive facade. These characteristics reinforce the identity of Edmond watches as key player in the world of Swiss watch brands.

Quality Swiss watch brand

In the present world the importance of advertising and brands images blurs the idea we have about luxury watches. According to the creator of Edmond Watches, a Swiss watch brand must be judged by the quality of its creation. Ultimately a luxury watch is created, above all, to evoke the true pleasure of owning a fine object.

Primarily this objective has inspired JP Edmond to produce and design the highest quality watches at the most affordable prices compared to others Swiss watch brands. He has achieved this by selling his watches directly through the online facility on his website. Essentially this means consumers benefit from factory prices.

Our dedication for delivering fine products has got us recognition among other Swiss watch brands. There are several Swiss watch brands in the market those are already well known and are liked by many. With this competition we can say our quality has made us popular among others.

The Swiss watch brand Edmond Watches are created for appreciators of modern innovation and unique quality product able to make their own choice. All our watches are created to make a bold statement and designed to impress.

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