Maintenance and repair of your automatic Swiss watch

Watch Warranty

The swiss watch warranty is 2 years against any manufacturing defect. We ensure to repair your automatic watch or to exchange it if a defect appears.

In this case, please send us your watch at the address :
EDW Sarl
37, rue de Lausanne

After fixing within 8 days we will send you back your watch free of charge. Please attach to the shipment your warranty card, your invoice and your warranty card. For a shipment from outside Switzerland please note on the export sheet: RETOUR SERVICE APRES VENTE, RETURN FOR REPAIRING

In case of problems, your watch repair will be executed as soon as possible.


For your automatic watch maintenance you can use our services. We can maintain your watch at good conditions:
Movement cleaning/oiling : 220-CHF back shipment include
Strap replacement: 80 CHF-back shipment include

Spare Parts

To order spare parts, please use the contact form, then we will send you a payment request and we will ship your order when receiving the payment.

Your watch can also be maintained by a professional watchmaker. In case you wish to confide your watch to one of them, we will provide all the help and service needed : technical documentation or spare parts.

STRAP: 50-CHF post Shipment include
FOLDING CLAPS: 70-CHF post Shipment include