Innovative setting of men watches

Smart Locker concept

Edmond watches for men are equipped with an exclusive modern innovation: Smart Locker is a functional system that also protects crown. This one allows the recipient to operate the winder without directly impacting on crown. Essentially the lever indexes the crown at different positions of adjustment.

Smart Locker offers ease of adjustment in comparison to many other watches available on the market. Our unique patented system allows the recipient to stop or restart the second hand precisely on the dial graduation (Stop second). The crown easily allows the timepiece to be wound if necessary. It also makes the crown easy to unlock without pulling it to the setting positions.

Waterproof men watches – diving watches

This incredible patented system also increases the water resistance of these watches: The crown of the watch involves two O’ring gaskets, which assures water resistance (including when it’s pulled) and an additional flat gasket which is compressed when the system is locked. Once immersed in water, the external pressure increases on the flat gasket and therefore is resistant to the slightest infiltration. These diver watches also offers the recipient exceptional ease of use.

If you are looking for a diver’s watch you will find in the collection EDW, a quality diving watch for men.

  • Protection of the crown
  • Strengthened waterproofness
  • Accurate setting
  • Easy using